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About Us

Fresh Frog Tees… that’s an interesting name, where did it come from, and who are you, by the way?

Thanks for asking! We are Dan and Amanda. Amanda is the owner and Dan the creator of Fresh Frog Tees, Amanda does all the printing, most of the designing, and all of the production and customer service.  We have six children ranging in ages from 14 to 1 years. Our brood consists of two girls and four boys, which is why our store is “boy heavy” on designs! We try to get the whole family involved in the business, and have found that even the littlest ones can help with sorting t-shirts and getting shipping envelopes. Our older boys love to watch Amanda print and work the heat press. We run our business completely from home right now, and there are always interesting boxes being delivered to our door filled with new print equipment, t-shirts to test, or vinyl to try.

The credit for our name belongs to our 10 year old son Zachary. He is the owner of the original “Fresh Frog.” Like most kids, he had a favorite comfort object. His happens to be a small, green blanket with a frog for its head. When he was a toddler, his “froggy” got dragged everywhere he went, and, not unexpectedly, got very dirty. Froggy often needed washing much to Zachary’s dismay. After the “long” wait for the dryer to finally be done, Amanda would hand him back to Zachary telling him, “Here’s your fresh frog!” Apparently Zachary likes alliteration because Froggy ceased being just Froggy and became “Fresh Frog” (and he is still called Fresh Frog today). When it came time to name our store, a cute fun name like Fresh Frog Tees seemed very appropriate!


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